Numerous companies make claims about possessing sizable 3D printers, though the notion of “large” isn’t universally defined. More often than not, it merely implies that their “large” 3D printer is larger than the others in their product lineup.

In our perspective, a genuinely substantial 3D printer is one with a build volume of at least 1 meter (3.3 feet) by 1 meter (3.3 feet). Our most extensive model, the NX3500, can produce items up to 2 meters (6.6 feet) in size.

At NEXUM, we wholeheartedly embrace innovation in every conceivable manner. We don’t settle for just “good”; we aim for greatness or perfection, with a particular emphasis on size! While achieving the latter can be a challenging endeavor, we maintain a relentless commitment to continuous improvement. This dedication allows us to harness our passion and expertise in crafting a cutting-edge product range. We firmly believe that our large-capacity 3D printers are, above all, the solution to your needs. Our technology excels in the realm of sizable 3D prints, reaching up to 2 meters!

The NX series serves as a valuable extension to our already comprehensive Large Volume series, providing an array of enhanced features, especially in terms of user experience and features.

Some of our best features available on the market today:

Conditioned Cabinet for spools up to 8kg each

When you invest in our Large Volume 3D printing machines, you’re not just getting cutting-edge technology – you’re gaining access to a revolutionary feature that will take your printing to the next level. We’re proud to introduce our integrated cabinet heating system, designed to provide unparalleled convenience and efficiency throughout your printing process.

Each of our Large Volume machines is equipped with a meticulously engineered cabinet that can be heated to temperatures of up to 60 degrees Celsius. This innovation allows you to simultaneously print and dry your materials, eliminating the need for separate and time-consuming drying procedures. It’s a seamless, two-in-one solution that optimizes your workflow, ensuring that your materials are perfectly conditioned for the best possible results.

Say goodbye to the hassle of managing materials separately and waiting for them to dry after printing. Our cabinet heating system ensures that your printing experience is not only more efficient but also more cost-effective. By saving time and resources, you can focus on what truly matters: bringing your innovative ideas to life through 3D printing.


Ultra-Fast Super-Cooling Print Heads

“Reimagining Large Volume Printing: Embrace Unprecedented Efficiency with Our Cutting-Edge Print Heads and Breakthrough Speeds!

Are you tired of the seemingly endless wait times associated with large volume 3D printing projects? We understand the frustration that can come with the time-consuming nature of traditional 3D printing. That’s why we’re here to introduce a game-changing solution that will revolutionize your printing experience.

Our advanced print heads are engineered to deliver superlative performance, dramatically reducing the time required for large volume printing. No longer will you need to endure the laborious pace of standard 3D printers. Instead, you can experience a significant acceleration in your printing process, achieving outstanding results in a fraction of the time.

With our state-of-the-art technology, you’ll not only save time but also gain the competitive edge you’ve been seeking. Say goodbye to lengthy, drawn-out printing projects and welcome a new era of productivity and efficiency in your 3D printing endeavors.

Join us in embracing the future of large volume printing, where your projects will be completed faster and more efficiently than ever before. Experience the difference with our exceptional print heads and super-cooling technology, setting a new standard for what’s achievable in the world of 3D printing.”

printhead 02

Large Volume specifications

Machine Properties




Build width 1000 mm diameter (39.4″) 1000 mm diameter (39.4″) 1000 mm diameter (39.4″)
Build height 2000 mm (82.6″) 1500 mm (61.0″) 900 mm (36.2″)
Travelspeed up to 600 mm/s up to 600 mm/s up to 600 mm/s
XYZ resolution 20, 20, 50 micron 20, 20, 50 micron 20, 20, 50 micron
Layer Resolution      
0,4 mm nozzle 300 – 50 micron 300 – 50 micron 300 – 50 micron
0.6 mm nozzle 400 – 50 micron 400 – 50 micron 400 – 50 micron
0.8 mm nozzle 600 – 50 micron 600 – 50 micron 600 – 50 micron
1.0 mm nozzle 800 – 50 micron 800 – 50 micron 800 – 50 micron
1.2 mm nozzle 1000 – 50 micron 1000 – 50 micron 1000 – 50 micron
1.4 mm nozzle 1200 – 50 micron 1200 – 50 micron 1200 – 50 micron
1.8 mm nozzle 1400 – 50 micron 1400 – 50 micron 1400 – 50 micron
Physical dimensions      
Dimensions 1350 mm x 1600 mm x 3550 mm 1350 mm x 1600 mm x 3050 mm 1350 mm x 1600 mm x 2350 mm
Net. weight 375 kg 275 kg 245 kg
Heated build plate      
Build plate temperature up to 110 °C (230 ºF) up to 110 °C (230 ºF) up to 110 °C (230 ºF)
Build plate levelling Automatic Automatic Automatic
Heat up time (up to 60 °C) < 7 min < 7 min < 7 min
Print head      
Nozzle temperature up to 500 °C (932 ºF) up to 500 °C (932 ºF) up to 500 °C (932 ºF)
Nozzle heat up time < 90 sec < 90 sec < 90 sec
Max. extrusion volume Up to 135 mm³/s Up to 135 mm³/s Up to 135 mm³/s

NX Large Volume Series